Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our DC Home

While visiting the exciting city of Washington DC we rented the most charming townhouse to house all 13 of us for the week.  It was a little ways outside of the city center and was in the middle of a line up of other colored walk ups.  Our little home was a dark olive green with a bright red door and a classy, black, wrought iron staircase, it was a lovely sight to come home to at the end of every, event filled day.

The interior was the perfect blend of classic and modern architecture.  I loved the exposed brick walls, the white moldings and the modern art accents.

The dining room was the perfect place to gather for meals, games, puzzle building, and good old conversations.

The top floor was all bedrooms, this was my cozy little room.  My room was the smallest of all the rooms, all the other bedrooms were quite spacious and lovely.  Don't get me wrong, I loved my adorable little space, it was the perfect size for me and was very charming with a wonderful view out of the front of the house.  Will, Thomas and Ben slept on the couch downstairs that had a pull out bed in the base, Andrew and John slept in the middle bedroom upstairs, Karin, Ricky and baby James had the far bedroom, mom and dad had the room next to mine and Beth and Reece stayed in the private apartment downstairs.  It was absolutely the perfect house for all of us!

It was so nice to all go home together at the end of the day and have multiple common areas to gather in to watch movies or just hang out.  Staying in a hotel is always hard for us since we all have to try and squeeze into someone's room if we want to play games or something in the evening.  We have rented houses on other vacations and have loved this alternative to a hotel, not to mention it is a lot cheaper then getting a bunch of hotel rooms.  Our most memorable house rental was in Santa Barbra click HERE and HERE to see pictures from that amazing property.

We also stayed in a fun house on the Oregon coast click HERE to see the fun details of that rental home.  And to see the backyard of that wonderful property click HERE

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