Saturday, December 14, 2013

Picnicking Amongst the Deer

Bethy and I like to make bucket lists
for the various seasons to make sure we take time to enjoy
the marvelous things each time of year has to offer.
One of the items on our 2013 Fall bucket list 
was have a picnic in the Mount Olivet Cemetery
and enjoy the company of the herd of deer that 
have taken up permanent residence there.

It was the most splendid afternoon.
Our picnic was made up of different treats from Trader Joe's
Thank goodness they finally made it to Utah!
The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm and just beautiful

Mount Olivet Cemetary, located on 4th south directly
across from the U of U football stadium, is a beautiful and peaceful place.
It's one of those cemeteries that has big, sculpted tombstones of mourning
angels scattered around the grounds.
It has a large variety of old, mature trees
It has a charming herd of rather tame deer
It has numerous marble benches, perfect for pondering
It has softly rolling hills
It has a peaceful silence
It has beauty

After lunch we went to Retro Rose
to do a little antiquing.  
Sadly, that adorable antique store is going out of business
but because of that, we found some amazing deals
on some beautiful pieces. 
We both walked away with some 
antique treasures.


  1. The deer are lovely creatures! What a beautiful fall day. Especially fun to see with snow and freezing temperatures outside.

  2. This was a magical day. It will always be golden and warm in my memory. Thanks for sharing it with me.