Saturday, December 21, 2013

Family Halloween Party

This year's halloween party
was especially exciting because 
it was held at the Griffin's brand new house!
Their house is gorgeous, and perfect for party hosting

Look at the creative costumes everyone came up with this year:

Mom - Fairy Godmother
Dad - Sultan of Acrabra
Me - Princess Jasmine
Bethy- Ariel
Reece - Thor
Marolyn - Witch
Jenny - Magical sorcerer
Mike - Where's Waldo
Nora - Kangaroo
Evie - Queen of Hearts
Sam - Mario 

Angie did my hair and make up
everything turned out so perfectly!

The Griffins always have such fun 
halloween themed menus 
I'm always excited to see what fun treats 
they have come up with each year

After dinner we played some fun
halloween games
First up, pictionary

Then we ended the night
with some laughter filled rounds of
don't eat pete!
it was a very fun and festive evening

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures of everyone's costumes! I though they were all pretty "Pro" costumes this time around! Fun evening to remember. Love family parties with the kids!