Thursday, December 5, 2013

Culture Day 2013: Peru

Every summer when the Burton's come up to visit, our family does a culture day.  We love doing this tradition to teach all the nieces and nephews about different and unique cultures that make up this wonderfully diverse world of ours.  The different countries we have explored so far are Japan,  Cambodia, Switzerland, Prague, and this year we learned all about the amazing cultures of Peru. (Click on the links to see what kinds of things we did for the Switzerland and Prague culture days, just FYI we did the Swiss day on Christmas Eve... so there are a lot of Christmas pics with that one, feel fee to browse though those as well)

I find it endlessly fascinating to visit and learn about the many different cultures we have in this wonderful world of ours.  They are all so wonderful and unique. I have so many I want to explore!  My life bucket list is getting pretty long! I think it is so wonderful that Karin and Jenny's kids are learning about different parts of the world at such a young age.

Peru has been one of my most favorite places I have ever traveled to.  It is such a rich culture and the scenery is absolutely stunning.  But, I have already tried to convey my love for this country in previous posts so I will leave it at that for now.  To see my posts about my time there this past July, CLICK HERE to get to the first post, then click newer post at the end of each page to scroll through them all.

Between Bethy, my mom and I we had a fun time decorating with all the fun souvenirs we had brought back from our trips to Peru ...

My mom did a marvelous job with the menu.  We had a dish to represent each region.

We even had Inca Kola!  The official soda of Peru.  If you ever have the opportunity to try this beverage, you should.  It's an experience.

While everyone was arriving, and we were finished up the food.  The kids did Peruvian themed crafts:

Incan gold carvings

Coloring, always a popular choice

Weaving placemats

After dinner Bethy gave a little presentation about different aspects of the Peruvian culture.

To complete the experience, we played dress up at the end of the evening. 

How. Adorable. Are. They.

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  1. Winner of MOST COLORFUL POST award! You caught the spirit of how much fun we had celebrating the culture of Peru! The pictures of the children were so precious. I love your photography!