Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lake Placid

Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, New York.

Such a beautiful and serene place.  This was my favorite part of the tour, I loved our hotel, I loved the scenery, I loved the little town, I loved the olympic village, I loved all the food we had here and just the over all feel of this place was fun and cozy.  I wouldn't mind coming here on my honeymoon and staying at the glorious Mirror Lake Inn, I loved it that much.  When we pulled up our tour director told us that the lobby had a very distinct smell, and she was right.  When you walk in you are hit with a dreamy aroma of cinnamon, cloves and wassail, it smells like Christmas.
 Here are some photos of our hotel:

The lobby

The Library

My room

My balcony and the view

Everyone gets a fresh home baked cookie awaiting them in their room when you check in

After I settled into our rooms and freshened up a bit, we walked down to The Cottage, the local pub that is owned by the hotel.  It is right on the lake and is adorable, it's small and filled with locals and has surprisingly delicious food

After our meal of gourmet sandwiches and chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert, I headed back to my room to cozy up in my bed and watch some episodes of Duck Dynasty.  On the foot of my four poster bed as a faux fur blanket, can you say heavenly?!  This hotel truly thinks of everything to make your stay here the best possible stay ever.

The next morning we began the day at the docks of Lake Placid, we were going sailing!  It was the most gorgeous day, I could not of even dreamed of a better day to go out boating on the lake.  The sun was shinning, the sky was blue, the leaves were colorful, and the lake was, well, placid.


  1. wow!! Those reflections on the lake were fabulous! Fun pictures of the Inn, you caught the homey, refined feeling of it. I think it was my favorite hotel also...the food was so amazing with contrasts of color, texture, temperature, and flavor carefully planned. I was in awe of their chef.