Monday, March 7, 2011

Ice Castles

I made it up to Midway to see the amazing ice castles they create up there every winter. I had no idea that Midway was hosting such an amazing event. These ice creations are seriously so magical and stunning, I was proud of little Midway for being so cool! We stopped by right when the sun was setting so I got some cool pictures against the pastel colored clouds. Then we went into town to get some dinner at Cafe Galleria, their pizza is so so good, their pizza dough is very authentic Italian. Then we went back to explore the castles when they were all lit up. This was such a magical and fun activity I can't wait to go back for years to come!

It had just snowed earlier that day so there was a thin layer of snow on a lot of the ice which made for cool designs. I thought the picture above looks like an evil face you would see in some cartoon movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas or something. I also thought a lot of the walls of the castles looked like swarms of jellyfish as pictured below.


  1. so beautiful! these are the most magical pictures I have scene of this place so far. perfect exposure, stunning colors. Looks like you are off adventuring in finland or iceland. I sure hope I get to see those someday. Although now they arent the secret they used to be.

  2. Dear Kate,

    I was awarded a "One Lovely Blog Award" I think you are more deserving - I am passing along the award to you. Why? Because I love you and your delightful travel photos (and Bethany's).

    Love, Me.