Friday, February 5, 2010

A different kind of Valentine

As you may already know me and Bethy like to do crafts and photo experiments. Our latest experiment involved making homemade filters for our cameras which would create fun and unique pictures. The filters that we made turn blurred lights into whatever shape you cut into your filter, since it is close to Valentines Day we cut hearts into ours (I know this is a really technical explanation of the process but its the best I can do ...) The picture below is a good example of how the filter looks, this is a picture that I took of a strand of Christmas lights, cool huh?! I was totally fascinated by it. Then we got all dressed up in our pink and red and let our creative juices flow and had a fun Valentines day photo shoot. There were a lot of cute ones of Bethy (I promise we didn't just take pictures of me) but she has all of those.

So the idea on this one is to make a slit above and below my fist and insert a valentines sucker, I drew that amazing sucker myself. It looks really cool in real life, Bethy made a bunch for our book club.

I had a little buddy that was dying to get his photo taken with me, isn't he adorable?! I love this cat. he also makes for a good photo prop.


  1. LOVED how yours turned out. I need to get better at feeling more comfortable in FRONT of the camera. You always look so natural. I introduced this idea to my class and offered to help them if they were interested... I only had about 3 or 4 have the desire to try it, but we had fun. One girl even cut her filter in the shape of a chinese character, it looked pretty awesome when I tested it out on my digital camera.