Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Surprise Carnival

This year for Reece's birthday Bethy threw him a surprise party, 4th surprise party in a row, she throws him one every year I find it kind of funny. This years theme was a fun filled and fancy free carnival. We had fried chicken with rolls combined with fruit and vegetable platters. There were lots of fun drinks to choose from such as refreshing lemonaid or a classic coke, which is one of Reece's favorite beverages.

For dessert we had hamburgers and fries, well it at least LOOKED like hamburgers and fries. They were cupcake buns, with brownie patties and condiments made out of colored frosting. The fries were made out of sugar cookies cut into strips. Constructing these were my project, I spent the entire day before making these, as well as the containers they are in (we got the pattern off the internet) they sure turned out cute and were a total hit with the guests.

Since the whole party couldn't be an absolute surprise since it was being held at Reece's house and preparations needed to be made Bethy wanted there to be at least one thing that was a total surprise. Being the super creative and imaginative person that she is she came up with this idea, construct a family band and sing him one of his favorite songs. So she recuited Jenny to be the pianist, dad to be the violinist, me to be on the keyboard and Mike to be on the drums, she figured since he was so good at rock band that he would be able to figure out a good beat on a real set of drums, Bethy and her next door neighbor were on vocals. We had two band practices before the big day, Jenny did a great job at picking out everyone's parts just by listening to the song over and over. On the night of the party Bethy rented out lots of special sound and band equipment to make us sound awesome. The song the we performed was My Only Offer by Mates of State. It turned out pretty well, definitely sounded like a family band that had only practiced twice ... but it was still fun, Reece was definitely surprised!

One of the activties that Bethy had set up for the guests was a photo booth that she had created on her computer. It was sooo much fun, and it was connected to the printer so you got your pictures instantly, just like a real photo booth! Everyone had so much fun coming up with fun and creative photos to take.

Mike refused to actually sit down and take pictures with us, but at the last minute he would jump in the back and do something amusing.

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  1. Hey I though the family band sounded much better than you are letting on. Although it was our only gig we sounded pretty professional.